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TitleOE-3: Pressurized Spray Leak Technical Report

EventOther Facility Event

Event Date07/31/2019

CategoryOCA - Operating Experience Level 3

The attached Operating Experience Level 3 (OE-3) Document entitled: "Pressurized Spray Leak Technical Report" provides information about the issuance of AU-30-RPT-02, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Pressurized Spray Release Technical Report, and the information therein that addresses data from DOE-Handbook-3010-94, Airborne Release Fractions/Rates and Respirable Fractions for Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities.

AU-30 compiled the technical report to document DOE's analytical and experimental work on spray leak phenomena from 2009 to present, and provide technical findings and recommendations based on that work. DOE nuclear facility technical and safety analysts that currently use the bounding values of airborne release fraction and respirable fraction provided in the Handbook Section, should review the information contained within this OE-3 and the technical report. The technical report concludes that these bounding values provided in the Handbook may not be sufficiently conservative for all potential spray leak phenomenology.

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